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I did it
U’ll see

Months went by

A crush from a far
Like wishing a star
It didn’t happen

I want to believe
But I was naive
And let it happen

Why I let you go
You stayed in the snow
And I left it

I wish i would’ve stayed
Cause I just stole ur heart
And kept it

I’m sorry that it’s true
I’m sorry it was you


I would sneak into ur basement
So we could hide under blankets
Tried to be silent as we fell in love in the summer
But then fall came around
And u were never in town
I lost u


What happened to congrats
What happened to support
What happened to “just friends”
Cause if we were just friends
U would’ve responded
& u try to hard to be misunderstood
But u kinda remind me of goodnight moon; easy to read


What do I want with this ever so precious life of mine
I feel as though I’ve been wasting a lot of time
Time spent on tryna decide
If I wanted to fly
Fly away too the moon with you on my back
Fly to the skies we’ll never look back
Hopefully this would make up for all that I lack
Cause sometimes I wish that I could be black
Wonder if I made all the right moves
Or if it even matters where I move
Cause I’m gifted with passion in tryna pursue
The route that leads the fastest too u
Fuck it I’m going to bed


Candy makes me happy
Weed makes me happy
Thats it
That’s sad

Music used to make me happier but now there are expectations
Expectations I will fill but will it make me happy at the end
Are the lyrics actually what I’m feeling

I miss

I miss everything & everyone
I really question if it’s worth it
Or if I could can do this
Was I trippin
Or did I make the right decision
What’s the point of living
When I’m so different


I’m so depressed and alone. I need something. I need someone.


I’m so confused
Why would u lead me through
Why would u lead me too
Then tell me find a new route
You should drop your pursuit
Just try something new
I’m shocked what just happened
Didn’t this this would ever happen
Now they’re just sitting there laughing
Why the fuck are we clashing

But u think I care
U think that will stop me from going somewhere
U think that will step me from smoking all these squares
Youre so close to your dream but you just just couldn’t share
Or maybe there’s a different face behind the chair
You think you’re so much better but you didn’t play fair
Get ready for the nightmares

right now♪♪♪

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